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FREEZE DRIED 100% Beef Raw Dog Food 16-lb case

FREEZE DRIED 100% Beef Raw Dog Food 16-lb case

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FREEZE DRIED 100% Beef Raw Dog Food. Premium Ingredients: Beef, unwashed green tripe, heart, lung, kidney, liver, bone paste. 

Each vacuum sealed package includes 5 freeze dried 100% beef patties. Pre-freeze dried weight is the equivalent of 1-lb of beef.  If stored unopened in a dry, cool area, this product could have a 25 year shelf-life.

Can be fed freeze dried or you can reconstitute with water.

No need for cold storage. No mess. Easy portion control. No hassle.

Buy in bulk and stock up!

More about our process:

Freeze-drying is considered a high quality dehydration method for a couple of reasons, including:

  • it operates at low temperatures, which contributes to preserving a product’s nutritional value, taste, appearance, and heat-sensitive compounds
  • freezing inhibits chemical and microbiological processes, which significantly delays the product’s deterioration (thereby extending its shelf life)


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