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Freeze-Dried Fertilized Eggs (Chicken) - 32oz

Freeze-Dried Fertilized Eggs (Chicken) - 32oz

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Our Freeze-Dried Fertilized Chicken Eggs (32oz Mason Jar) includes the equivalent of approximately 3-dozen raw scrambled eggs. 

You need only add a scoopful (1 teaspoon) of the egg powder to the top of your pet's food for additional nutrients. Does not need to be reconstituted. Not for human consumption.

The most wholesome eggs are those that are grown with lots of love. All of our eggs are sourced from our Homestead from well-cared for and loved poultry!

Eggs have a unique content with a “a storehouse of nutrients”. Chicken egg yolk is a rich source of nutrients providing high quality proteins, vitamins, minerals, carotenoids and minerals (calcium, iron, zinc and manganese). They also contain essential amino acids, fats, carbohydrates and are rich in vitamins A, D, E. Vitamin E is essential for strengthening the blood vessels and the heart, and it has anti-carcinogenic effect. Vitamin D is necessary for healthy bones and teeth. 

Egg protein is absorbed very well, almost 100%, and it has only about 55 kcal and almost no fat. Furthermore, the egg contains unique substance – lutein – a powerful natural anti-oxidant.

NOTE: Refrigerate after opening to prevent sunlight and humidity from degrading the egg powder's nutrients. If left unopened and vacuum sealed, can be kept in a cool dark pantry indefinitely.

+++++ Not For Human Consumption +++++


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